Save Time and Money
with Automation

If you work with labels and shrink film, you know the market demands high quality and swift make ready. The Edale Flexographic presses, with its Autonomous Inking, Impression and Registration (AiiR), meet these demands and then some.

  • Servo driven technology, industry-leading print quality
  • Pre-registration. Make ready jobs in as little as two web lengths of material.
  • Open architecture inking system = rapid changeovers
  • Market-leading web transportation system offers substrate range of 12-450 microns

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Do More for Less
with Your Current Flexo Press

Upgrade the possibilities and quality of your existing flexographic press with Fujifilm innovations. Check out below how Fujifilm technology can boost your productivity and performance by reducing power consumption, speeding up processing times and adding new functionality like imprinting.
Learn more about each featured FUJIFILM solution by rolling over the numbers on the press below.

Lighter than AiiR

Autonomous Inking, Impression and Registration (AiiR)
The Edale FL3 integrates camera-based technology that guarantees a level of registration in a single pass that was previously unheard of. The fully automated process reduces operator intervention, minimizes errors and increases product quality.

Discover Illumina

Discover the productivity and cost benefits of UV-LED curing.
The most powerful UV-LED system on the market, new or retrofit. The UV energy emitted at Illumina’s 20% power setting is the same as the 100% power setting of other UV-LED curing systems. Increase your production speeds and lower utility energy costs.

Automated Finishing

Create a safer work environment and improve production.
The Edale FL3 has automated label finishing, which reduces setup times, reduces waste and puts less reliance on operators. For added productivity, you can also option features like rotary & semi-rotary die cutting, break free waste rewind, and auto slit & I-score.

“We were looking for as much automation as possible.”

– Matt Teeter, VP Labels and Packaging at DPI Direct

DPI chose Edale after being particularly impressed with the features of the tailor-made machine, as well as the fast run speeds at which the FL3 could maintain under fully automated control. They also highlighted the unique service Edale provided to create custom-built press for the production of packaging solutions including wine labels, light cartons and craft water labels.

“We chose the Edale FL3 because of its ability to enhance our flexibility and reactivity with its quick make-ready, waste reduction features and proven ability to run challenging materials.”

– Andy Russell, Operations Manager at The GSH Group

The FL3 is highly specified, including the new “EZ Die” quick change die system and “EZ Reg” autonomous register control. EZ Die enables a full die change in less than 60 seconds, pre-setting in both X and Y, and automatic waste stripping.

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